Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Reflection of 2015

2015 has been an amazing experience for me, because of how close our friendships have become here at Point England School with how we communicate and how we learn in the digital world.

This year we had heaps of trips, special people coming to visit us like Andrew Patterson, we went to Polyfest, Year 8 leadership camp, students from Tamaki College to talk to the Year 8’s and preparing them for college for next year and there's one more trip to come…  we're going to Parakai.

Since I only came last year in 2014 it was really great for my first time in a new school, seeing new faces and having new teachers in different learning areas.

The bond that everyone had with each other was really amazing they cared for each other and helped one another if we weren’t having a great day. Each and everyone are all different.

We have different cultures from other people and they had learn’t more about their own cultures and other people’s culture to be more pride of who they are and what comes for them in the future.

For the new teachers in team 5 they did pretty well for their first time in Point England School and having faith in the students learning.

My home class teacher is Mr Wiseman. He’s great to be honest for his first time on the first day, I wanted to to be in his class when I first met him, when he introduced himself.

I remember when Mrs Tele’a was calling out the names for the class, I was the first one in the whole block to be called out that was really awkward. Mr Wiseman is a really good teacher he boosted everyone's confidence throughout the year and made everyone participate in all the activities that came up.

Being in his class has made me think twice about my actions and the words that come out of my mouth. The first Term we had with Mr Wiseman was really not so great I didn't want to do stuff in the classroom and just played around and follow the people in my class because I thought that's what you were supposed to do in class that made you get attention from other people.

But when Mr Wiseman told me in Term 1 “ That's not how you behave in class and if you still do it in College it will get u no where in life and do you really want that in your report to let your parents see what you have been upto.”

I’ve changed from Term 1 to Term 4 by my Attitude, behaviour, actions, of what I say and knowing more people to be my friend and not just hanging out with a certain crowds but always bouncing around to other people to see if they want to play a game or just chill out if we don’t want to play around when it’s hot.

The teachers helped us with our learning and our problems. At my old school it’s really different from Point England. The learnings different, the teachers way of teaching us was different, the bond that everyone has together with the other students, the teachers and the rules that we have.

I have Mrs Tele’a as a Numeracy teacher. She’s a really good teacher she is the leader of this block and the leader of the team. She helped everyone when she had time. Usually she worked with each group, in the time that she had with us. How she taught students was really cool because even if a student said the answer wrong she didn’t just say “ NO THAT’S WRONG” she always replied nicely with a great response.

Mrs Tele’a cared for each and every other student in the block like they were her own children. But when the students were misbehaving she still loved them with care and kindness.

My favorite memory was the Year 8 leadership camp. We learnt how to lead others into success. I still remember the Fiafia night when we were at camp, it was so cool seeing other groups get up on the stage and giving it their best. I love that the teachers participated in the activities that they provided for us to have fun in the activities. When we left we knew when we arrive in Term 2 that we will lead the school when we go and we will leave Point England School to the next year 8’s  that will learn how to lead the school into making their dream a reality.
This is my last year at Point England school. I’m going to College next year I am going to Auckland Girls Grammar School. I heard it’s a really good school I can’t wait. Point England School has helped me with what I wanna be and what I wanna do with my life when I get older.

I officially want to be a pro lacrosse player. Since the game is now becoming popular I’ve seen people play and it’s an interesting game. To be a  pro Lacrosse player I will practice and show up to trainings and give it my 100%.

This year I rate myself a 9/10. Because I was always getting in trouble for talking too much in class and not talking about what we were learning about than talking about what was happening yesterday. What I'm going to focus on next year and the years after I choose to focus more on my education to see if  I’ve done pretty well and achieving more goals.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Prevent yourself from getting sick

This is my help for you to: How to prevent your self from getting sick.

Rhyming Poems

This is my Rhyming poem about what happens in the Senior Block. And how to rhyme. And how to use rhyme schemes.

Justify our opinions with a reason

This is my presentation about justifying our opinions when we have been given a statement in a article. I felt alright working with people and working individually on this tas

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Finding a rule

This is my Working out to finding a rule given the input of numbers. I found this pretty hard because this was my first time doing this kind of work.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Dusty Room - Group Task -

Dusty Room

Tearing walls ripping down

The smell of mold goes round and round

The taste of black Liquorice  makes everything vicious

Windy sounds come rushing through in different areas of the room
From wall to wall the smell gets stronger
Inside and outside no smell of delight
Trapped all alone and nowhere to go     
But no need to stress it's just a big mess

Walking through the door

we notice the ripped walls

moulded roofs
with rats crawling through
and cockroaches

crawling round and round         

As I arrived in the room I looked down.

And I see Paint falling off the roof and I start to drown

I could smell a Musty smell on the wall.
Than I start feeling small.
When I looked around I can hear the Mouse's footsteps running on the roof.
But I wish it would be soundproof
As I drew the Curtains then I feel goosebumps coming up my arm
As I walk around the room I have this kind of dry taste in my mouth like I want to spew it out.

The room starts to rumble
 The ceiling began to crumble
Smelling mould
I start to get a cold
Everything’s broken
And it can’t be spoken
Disgusting floors
Covered in paint
Broken draws
I wanted to faint

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Word Problems - Tapawha - T4 - W6

This is my Working out to show how I worked out my word problems for Maths. I found this hard at the first time but when I saw that you could work it out by doing equations, then I found it easy to work out.